Hello Blog World, My Old Friend

It’s been eons since the last time I wrote an actual blog post, and, surprisingly, I’ve missed it. I first started blogging way back around 2006. I had an Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry, and that’s what I started writing about. Then I’d started a craft blog, which became the focus of my writing for a few years. At some point, the act of blog writing resurrected my dream of writing fiction–something I’d given up on long before I’d begun blogging.

Eventually, the craft blog played itself out and by that time I was really focused on fiction writing. So what do you think I did? You guessed it–I started another blog. The original purpose of this blog was to chronicle my journey on the road to publication. But then life got in the way and the blog fell by the wayside once again, and, for a time, so did my fiction writing.

During my blogging hiatus, I did pick up writing once again, even finally completing the first draft (a pretty crappy one, I might add) of a romance novel. I was pretty elated when I’d finished that draft, even though it stunk, was half the length it needed to be, and read more like an outline rather than a story. I didn’t care. I’d finally finished the draft of a novel, something I’d been trying to do for years.

I set the draft aside and during those few weeks realized I had no interest in revising the book. At first, I thought what a colossal waste of time. I’d spent a few months on the project, why the hell wouldn’t I want to revise it. I kind of anguished over this dilemma for a few days and then finally one thing became clear to me.

I want to write mystery stories, not romance. Not even romantic suspense.

There is a certain allure to writing romance–the popularity of the genre, the voracious appetite of romance readers, it being one of the best selling genres of fiction–but, even though I love a good romance novel, it’s not what I desire to write about. So, I’m switching gears and immersing myself back into the world of mystery fiction, both reading it and writing it. I’m a mystery fan. At one point that’s the only genre I ever read, and I want to get back to writing those types of stories.

I also want to get back to blogging, so I’ve decided to do just that. Only this time I won’t be posting exclusively about writing or my road to publication. I’ll be sharing book reviews, classic movies that I enjoy, a few old posts that I’ve scrubbed from this site, thoughts on crime fiction in general, and anything else that comes to mind but slanted in the realm of mystery storytelling.

A few things to know about me and how I operate as a blogger:

  • I don’t plan to post on any kind of regular schedule. When I have something to say, I’ll post it.
  • I do try to add something of value for the reader in each post, but sometimes I might just post an aimless ramble (kinda like this post), it’s a crapshoot, really.
  • I do have a foul mouth and have been known to drop an F-bomb from time to time. So consider yourself warned in that respect.

That about wraps up this long-winded introduction. By the way, in case you’re wondering about the meaning behind the blog name that I’ve chosen, Sparkling Cyanide is the title of an Agatha Christie novel, one that I will likely be reviewing in the near future.

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